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Group of Mountain Bikers

About Us

Our Team comes from a background of enjoying active outdoor sports. Nothing is worse than arriving at a destination having forgotten an essential piece of equipment, or an essential step of preparation. Checklists are great for any sport where there is a long list of items to bring, assemble and check.


It occurred to us that it would be useful to print the relevant checklist onto a T-shirt and wear it. As with most initial ideas, this one was terrible! - a long list of words looked awful, but that first bad idea lead to a better one - what if we turned the checklist items into a grid of simple monochrome picture icons? It seemed a bit silly at first, but after a few test prints we could see it worked surprisingly well :)

While our CheckList Tshirts are not an exhaustive coverage of checks, we aim to get the most relevant ones on them, and usually add one frivolous item for fun.  And of course, we branched out to coffee cups and thermos flasks too - great places to put checklists! You might notice the bottom-right icon is the same on all products ;)

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